Cold Weather

Mini Rubbish Audit - 2015

As part of working towards litterless lunch boxes, a quick survey was carried out. The following information was emailed to all staff.

Please share the info below with your students and remind them that ‘rubbish’ is to be put into their lunch boxes and taken home.

Thank you for helping with this issue.


July 22, 2015  First Credit Union Sustainability Fund

We have received $904.59 towards completing Stage 2 of our Leavers Garden.The funds will enable us to complete the dry river bed, extend the path and raised garden bed - complete with plantings - and make a gated entrance to connect the Leavers Garden and  the Gully.

Room 2 Term 3, July 2015

What effect does our behaviour have on our environment?

Students are carrying out a variety of experiments/scenarios to compare how human interactions affect our environment. Plants are being treated differently with the results monitored.

One photo shows a plant without music compared with one which has regular music.


Room 2 plant experiment all pots


Room 2 plant experiment

Studies have been carried out comparing grass:

  1. seed varieties and growing conditions


Room 2 seed and growing conditions study


      2.     the differences between fertilizer varieties


Room 2 fertilizer study

Room 4 Term 3, 2015

The ‘Green’ Class

Mrs Painter and her dedicated students are setting a wonderful example of fully incorporating enviro practices into every aspect of classroom activities.

A new addition to the library corner is the laminated ‘reading’ cards on NZ endangered species.


Room 4 endangered species reading cards


Room 4 Learning about change

July 2015 School  Holiday Break

Amanda, Jane and her daughter Isabel have been doing an awesome job looking after the Unit over the break. They go out and feed the fish and monitor the water every other day.

Cold Weather - July

Along with the rest of New Zealand, Taupō is experiencing some extremely low temperatures this month. This has affected the water temperatures in the Aquaponics Unit which has in-turn decreased our bacteria. We are looking at ways to heat the water over the cooler months and insulating the tanks.

More Goldfish Purchased July 12, 2015

We purchased 30 new goldfish for ‘B’ Unit and they are very contented in their new home.



Room 2 seed and growing conditions study