A date has been set for our Official Opening Day for the Aquaponics Unit

ANZAC Garden - Week 1 Term 2

To commemorate 100 years since the fateful landing of our troops at Gallipoli, NZ schools have received kits to make 25 white crosses. Students constructed these and we made a special garden for them. Each child hand-made a red poppy which was laid by the crosses during our ANZAC Service held on April 24, 2015


Myles and John check the cross making instructions.



A date has been set for our Official Opening Day for the Aquaponics Unit.

Friday May 1, 2015 at 10a.m.

It will be wonderful to share our project with the many people and businesses who have helped and supported us, as well as showing others in NZ a sustainable healthy way of growing produce.

First PLANTING DAY Wednesday 25th March 2015

A1 & A2 growing beds were planted today with lettuce, basil, cabbage - green & red, cauliflower - white & orange, spinach, rocket, broccoli and marigolds. Companion planting will assist in natural pest control. The auto siphons and system is running very well.

A3 bed will be planted next week when more beads arrive. We used some of the beads to bring the other two beds up to the correct level.

We are extremely happy with the progress we are making. The many hours we have put into setting up the unit is now showing rewards. 

Smiley faces all round.



Rebekha, Sulize and Jorja planting with Amanda.


The soil is gently washed off the roots.


Students are very happy we have achieved another stage and are looking forward to planting day.

Week 8, March 2015 - Aquaponic Unit -  plumbing of the first set-up (A) is compete. We have learnt a lot, made adjustments to suit materials available in NZ and overcome/repaired the odd leaking connection. We have added the growing beads and have the water circulating correctly.



Auto Siphons - the drilling of holes is now complete. Jake and Jorja remove the sworf and sand the edges.

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