Matariki Room 9

The students in Room 9 were proud performers in our whole school production.

After performing on stage they shared why they thought they had done well and how they could improve their next performance.


Matariki boys pukana

These are some of the ideas.

What we did well ...

All the audience loved the song because they were smiling when the song came on.


When we all got on stage we started our actions straight away.


Everyone was liking us do the actions properly.


We got on the stage quickly and quietly.


We were all in our groups when we went on stage.


We did no talking when we got on the stage and did our actions.


We walked quietly to the hall.



Matariki girls

What we could do better next time ...

We could have done a haka as well as a dance.


We could do our actions bigger so everyone can see us.


We could swing our poi up and down instead of just round and round.


When the Seven Sisters come on stage we need to put our poi through the strap faster. Then we will be ready to do the actions instead of rushing to catch up.


When the Seven Sisters come on we need to put the props down straight away.



Matariki girls pukana

Matariki boys pukana 1