Te Mihi boys writing group

The Te Mihi community has created a boys writing group to encourage our boys to share their ideas and interests with like-minded peers.


Danidu's futuristic house

This is what the boys had to say about it...

Girls like their thing and boys like our thing and when we have to write about a girls thing we kind of zone out. We get to write about haunted stuff, guns, monsters, sports & trucks- it’s just what us boys like writing about. We like working in a smaller room. It brings the noise down a bit. We have got more support because it’s a smaller group which is good for when we don’t know what to do.

You get to see your friends. If you have girls you have arguments about what you want to write about.  James, Jack, Malan & Adam


Jack's futuristic house

I liked designing and writing about a futuristic house because I got to use my imagination- Jack

I liked to pull in futuristic problems that are actually going to happen in real life and some imaginary stuff too. James

I love drawing and using my imagination. We might be able to put our futuristic designs into reality. Malan & Adam


Adam's futuristic house

Boys at work