Learning those times tables

We are trying hard to learn our times'-tables off by heart in Room 8. We need to know them quickly because this helps us problem solve better.

Our Year 6s especially need to know them as they get closer to moving on to Intermediate.


Giving 'helpful' advice to our teammates

This game we played was one Mrs Graham saw on Twitter. It is a team game and you race to write up the correct answers. Each person can only write one answer so you have to pass the pen on to the next person. It is highly exciting. You have to be sure you know the answer as one wrong answer could mean the other team wins.


Jayda and Tatiana battle it out


Daniel and Finn are neck and neck

This game can also be used for addition questions, for example, adding on tens. This is a fun game to play at home, too.

Daniel and Finn are neck and neck