Senior and middle school swimming lessons

It’s that time again - when we are lucky enough to get on the bus and make the hop, skip, and jump to the AC Baths for our swimming lessons.

Many of us look forward to this, as we get to do many fun activities that support our water safety skills. We are put into groups with other swimmers of our level, so it is a non-threatening and focused 30 minute session. We don’t have time to get changed at the pools so it is quite fun to zip back to school in our towels.


Lined up ready to go


Perfecting our freestyle


Watching how the expert does it


There are many skills to learn


A bit of backstroke


Splashing looks a bit of fun

Thank you to parents who make sure that our togs and towel go into our school bag each day to make the most of this opportunity from Contact Energy, who fund our lessons.

3 Watching how the expert does it2