Making our difference

On the last couple of days of Term 3, Room 8 had the opportunity to send off the donations to our chosen organisations for Dare to Care.

We wrote letters explaining why we had done these projects and happily got the cheques and envelopes from Val so we could send them off. Some of us were really surprised at the amounts we ended up with.

Included here are some photos of our letters and our cheques. We hadn’t had much experience with cheques or writing on envelopes before. This was some new learning for many of us

  • how do you write an address?
  • all on one line or on new lines?
  • What goes on the front?
  • What goes on the back?
  • Can I just get a new envelope if I make a mistake?
  • What does ‘postage included’ mean?

We are so happy to have sent off our donations and hope the organisations put the money to good use. Thank you to Val for sorting and counting all our money and writing out the cheques on demand!


Cameron with his group_s letter and cheque - a proud moment_


Tia-Rose and Jayda_s hard work comes to fruition


Paige was thankful for all the hard work the Sallies do


Saffron had to find and address her letter


Angela gets Mrs Graham to check her letter


Adam has the SVA cheque ready

5 Savannah and Saffron hope the letter reaches Paw Justice