Gully Path Edges

Gully Path Edges - Week 9 - the school’s SNUP Upgrade (new IT wiring) is under way and areas of our concrete have been removed to allow for new cables to be installed. These concrete slabs are being used in the gully as path edging.


4th June 2013 - PAPER4TREES PLANTING - we received our reward for this programme, 14 native trees, which we planted in the Maze and Gully areas. Students enjoyed the planting sessions, learning the plant names, why we plant native trees/the advantages they bring to our area and generally taking ownership of the plants. We appreciate the support of the sponsors for the Taupo area: Taupo Native Plant Nurseries, Taupo District Council and Rent-a-Dent.

Week 7 Term 2 - 21st June 2013 - Today we celebrated MATARIKI (Maori New Year) with a schoolwide Activities Day.

Activities included the making of: Rewena bread, kites, seven sister stars, wildflower seed balls, art/designs, sport/games, weaving/flax flowers, tuku tuku panels, being creative using IT/computers …

Students, parents, whanau and staff all came together in the hall for lunch and shared many happy stories from the mornings activities. A final afternoon rotation and gathering in the hall completed a very successful day (even though the temperatures indicated Taupo’s winter has arrived).

WORM TEA LABEL - we have designed a label to put on the bottles of our liquid fertilizer. We are recycling empty milk bottles to put the tea in. The worm farm has been moved into Roz’s (caretaker) shed as the weather has become very cold and our worms were not happy. They are now settled again, eating well and producing a good quantity of tea.


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