Enviroschools Workshop Trip (hosted by Taupiri School)

Only Room 1 students came today. Many of the classes are doing end of year testing.

Today we:

  • Sanded the Leavers Garden sign.
  • Labelled worm tea bottles.
  • Collected and bottled the worm tea. Feed the worms.
  • Checked the damage done in our beautiful veggie gardens.
  • Watched the video from the Enviroschools Workshop that Mrs Farquhar took.

Wednesday 13th & Thursday 14th November 2013 - Week 5

ENVIROSCHOOLS WORKSHOP TRIP (hosted by Taupiri School)

A group of 11 Year 5/6 students (mostly our presenting group) left at 3pm on Wednesday and enjoyed an overnight stay at the Ngaruawahia Christian Camp. Enviroschools covered the cost of the stay including dinner and breakfast. Parents who provided transport and care were Kerry S, Gayle B, Amanda J, Ann B. Thanks ladies. Mrs Farquhar (principal) joined them for the night as well.

Another 11 students left school at 6:30 am on Thursday and travelled either in the Rotary Community Van or with Kerry N. (thanks) for the day trip.

Our group presented two workshops on our proposed Aquaponics Unit. It was in the form of a news broadcast, followed by an interactive game called Enviro Hot Seat. We also took our demo hydroponics/aquaponics  set-up. This was a hit with everyone. Our 4 fish travelled well and have had no issues.

All students partook in a variety of wonderful activities during the day. We are extremely proud of our students.


Aquaponics Demo Set-up With the assistance of Wayne and Rosemary from Stockers Agriculture and Horticultural Ltd in Cambridge, we have made a working demo model of our proposed unit. At present, the demo is a cross between hydroponics and aquaponics. This will enable us to take it to workshops and show others the basic concept. We made a tunnel for our model.



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