Newsletter subscription process

October 20 our new email newsletter will be sent out. We are in the process of asking you all to subscribe here

The website asks for your email. In the interests of best serving your needs we ask that you also enter your subscription details as follows. 

List Permission

  • All recipients need to opt-in to our Newsletter list. MailChimp is a permission-based newsletter delivery service. This means that no purchased, rented or scraped lists can be used in MailChimp ever. Regardless that we currently have a list of subscribers through our previous Newsletter email account, we are required to ask you to join our email Newsletter list through our MailChimp signup form. 
  • We use a double opt-in for your signup forms. Subscribers complete the double opt-in process by filling out our signup form first and then confirming subscription to your list. This tells us you  are certain you want to receive your emails, and ensures that the email address they sign up with is valid. It is important that you select to add us to your address book otherwise our newsletters may be destined for your junk folder.

List Management

  • We keep our list clean of bounces and unsubscribes. We'll automatically remove bounces and unsubscribes from our list as long as you are accesing the same list in our account. Because all lists in MailChimp are independent of each other and share no information, there's no overall account suppression list. Bounces and unsubscribes are managed on a per-list basis only.
  • We ask our subscribers to add your email address to their address book. We ask subscribers to add our-reply-to-email address to your address book.  This "whitelists" your address to help keep our campaigns out of your spam folder.
  • We maintain a single list per member or organisation in our account. In our MailChimp account, each list is distinctly separate and independent from all other lists. We encourage you to add your personal details so that we may personalise our messages to you. This is achieved by accessing at the bottom of our newsletter: ‘update subscription preferences’. You can change at anytime. You will be automatically attached to our newsletter subscription. Later once we build specific groups we will ask you to join those that will be of interest for you.
  • We don't store redundant data for subscribers. At a later date we will ask you to consider using our groups and segments  to tailor our content to your needs, rather than managing multiple lists that have many of the same subscribers on them. As a subscriber you can update your information or preferences at any time, and it's safer to keep that data in one list than several.