Newsletter Week 11 Term 2 2015

Room 5 as always had a fantastic turn out of parents for their assembly. They showcased their learning in such a positive way. 

School reports will be coming out this Friday. If you are away on the day your children’s report will be posted. 

Next term we are starting a texting system for absences. You will receive a text rather than have Val ring you. This will save us a lot of time leaving messages on phones that don’t work. It is really important that we have a contact numbers in case of emergency. Please update your phone number with Val and Rhonda at the school office. This new system will be like the local secondary school operate now. You get to send back a response if you know where your child is. We monitor the amount of times your child is away and will give their name to the truancy officer if there is no explanation for their absence. 

Our annual “Tree for Every Child” planting occurred on Friday. Many of the photos are appearing on the web site. We are still naming the photos and the rest will appear very soon. We do ask for a small donation of $5 to plant the tree. We get some sponsorship however it does not cover the cost of all the trees. Please send your donation to the school office. 

We have enrolled a new child who needs the disability car park to access his classroom. Please do not park in the marked space. It makes it very hard for him to come to school if he cannot get into the correct park. If there is a cone in the car park please do not park on top of it. 

Next term we have the Education Review Office visiting the school from Monday 31 August, 2015 for a week. This is a great time to celebrate the things we do here at school and there will be an opportunity for you to meet with the team to talk about the school from the parent perspective. I will let you know the date and time as soon as I have more information. 

I do hope you all have a restful two weeks with your children. Our teachers will be resting and enjoying the sunshine. 

Paula Farquhar 


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