Newsletter Week 3 2015

The POWER effect is happening. The whole school is focusing on how we use POWER in our behaviour and for our learning. This is the natural extension of a vision that is celebrating its 5th birthday. While the five concepts sound easy and roll off the tongue of our students following through with them is in fact quite hard. Respect for each other in the playground and for the learning of others can be difficult for some children to manage. We are all working very hard on this to ensure that everyone at school understands what it means to be part of a community.

We are celebrating POWER’s fifth birthday on Thursday February 26 from 5.00 to 6.30 here at school when all the classrooms will be open, teachers available to meet and greet parents and a showing of our digital work in the school hall (bring a cushion style). Sausage sizzle will be available along with an ice cream truck. This low key event is in place of the Kinloch BBQ.  The cake cutting will be at 6pm in the hall.  Look out for a programme in next week’s newsletter. We would like as many families to call in to view classrooms and to see the types of learning that has been happening in the past four weeks.

In week six, Thursday March 12, 2015 we are holding individual goal setting meetings (like parent teacher discussions) with every child and family. We will start these meetings at 1pm. School is open, however, if you can pick up your child from 12.30pm and take them home early that helps with the overall management of the day. Times will be available using the online booking system or call Val in the office to make a time. Children are asked to attend these meetings so they are fully aware of the goals for their work and the next steps in their learning.

The community calendar goes home today. There are some important dates on the calendar like senior school camp and junior swimming. Some dates will change and we will endeavour to make your aware of the changes as they happen.

If you have not had a look at the new web site I suggest that you do. There are movies made last year that are just too cute for words. This has been a combined project with the Ministry of Education. We are a trial school on a new type of interactive web site. The case study being written about the project will be published on a national level. We now have the option for school based advertisement to go on the website. If you are interested please give me a call or send me an email. I would like to see as many local businesses supporting the website as possible.  This will be a new arrangement separate to the back of the newsletter.  

I had a goal to make us visual in the web platform with regular and consistent content of our student learning being published. Already there are movies about SOLO, and student voice for you to view. It is really important that you sign the consent forms telling us how you feel about your child’s learning being shared in the public arena.

Just some clarification about the BYOD option for families.  To bring a personal device to school is a choice for the family. We already have many digital options here at school especially in the junior and middle school and we will be continuing to purchase more devices for our students to use. All children in all classes have access to the devices they need in the supported environment. Children in the senior school are more likely to use their own devices to support their learning. I suggest that if your child does not yet manage their own belonging like shoes and lunch boxes that maybe they should use the schools devices and keep their personal ones at home. If we think a personal device will add extra value to your child’s learning we would talk to you about this. There are some concerns being voiced about security. While we are investing in secure boxes for our school hardware, we cannot be responsible for devices that are kept in bags or left on the bus. If in doubt talk with the teachers about how the device will be used in class. You may find that the schools devices do the job very well.

I would like to thank Room 1 for hosting the first assembly of the year and setting such a high standard.  I was a little confused with the POW assembly title however they explained it well.  Looking forward to room two’s assembly this week.

Paula Farquhar