Newsletter Week 4 Term 3 2015

I really enjoyed Room One’s assembly last week. It was so nice to be reconnected to the school on a Friday. 

We also had a lot of visitors over the week with the jazz and brass bands, plus the two authors. A very cultural week for us here at school. 

The two parent meetings also went well with pleasing attendance by the families. It is a great way to continue to grow lifelong learners within our community. We received very positive feedback from those who attended. 

I saw an article on the web yesterday titled: Kids are Swearing Younger. I spoke to the staff about this article and they also agree that the language used by children has changed and includes more swear words. The article clearly states that children learn to swear by mimicking or coping of the language heard. Heard you asked? 

Children are copying what happens in their environment. The more adults and older children swear the more commonplace it becomes. At school we know that children swear. Not generally in front of the teachers. 

We know this because the other children tell us or we see the looks on their faces when we turn a corner. While there is an element of trying out the words, there is also an acceptance that we swear when we are hurt or we don’t get our own way. Some children swear for effect and some because they don’t know any better. 

The best ways to stop the use of any swear words is ignore the swearing and model the use of other words when we are hurt or disappointed. The article can be found at

Please place in your calendar the parent meeting for ERO. It will be held on Tuesday 1 September, 2015 at 2.20p.m. in the staffroom. ERO is a group of outside educators who come to visit the school and see what we are doing to raise achievement and to work with our community. This meeting is the time for all parents to have their say about the school. You are able to talk freely with the reviewers. They will ask some questions and listen to what you have to say. The information will add to the picture of how well we are doing as a school. 

I must say it is the coldest start to August I have had living in Taupo. The upside is that my tulip bulbs are starting to appear. 

Enjoy the rest of the week. 

Paula Farquhar 


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