Newsletter Week 6 Term 3 2015

Our Aquaponic Unit is making a bit of new storm at the moment. Diana Fitzsimmons and her team have been talking with Rotary Express in town and today Maori TV came to speak with our students. The article in the New Zealand Gardener has also promoted the good work undertaken by our very clever team. 

The Scholastic Book Fair held last week was a great success. Together we sold $3,530 of books. That means we get 67 new books for our library. This is always a great fundraiser for the school. 

The PTA are hosting a school disco this Thursday. Tickets can be purchased from the school office. The cost for this event is $5 and includes a sausage and a drink. Those cute glow sticks will be available as well. It is always a great night where our students have a wonderful time. The dress up theme is cartoon characters. 

I would like to remind you of the parent meeting with the ERO team next Tuesday 1 September, 2015 at 2.20pm in the staff room. In this meeting the ERO team will be asking for your opinion and thoughts about the school. 

Thank you to the Enviro Team for hosting assembly on Friday. This group of dedicated students always share important messages with the whole school. 

There are some children in the school who are not using their POWER. This generally shows as a lack of respect towards other students and adults. There are a few basic manners that are important to stress. Waiting at a door and not pushing through, saying please and thank you should be automatic. 

We have also been watching a growing game of Bull Rush happening in the playground. For children’s safety we don’t allow tackles in any form. Yes our boys will justify why they can tackle and how they do it safely, yet a number of children are getting hurt and their clothes damaged. I do want our students to have a sense of freedom about the games they play however they also need to do their part. To play Bull Rush, Fish, Seaweed or whatever you want to call it there will be no tackling in it. If this continues I will have to stop the game altogether. We need everyone in the playground to be safe. 

The celebration of our Change topic happened today. It is great to see what our students can produce. I always think the science topics are the most successful. 

See you at the meeting next week. 

Paula Farquhar 


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