Newsletter Week 7 Term 1 2015

It has been a quietly busy week so far. There are a few exciting things happening or have happened around the school. We hosted a Wood Turners Conference in the school hall over the weekend. The conference showed off our facilities and provided the wood turners with a great place to hold their annual conference. They are looking at booking in again. 

Today two major events happened. The junior school hosted a preschool tabloids based loosely on the world cup cricket. Five local preschool attended the tabloid games held on the school field. I went out to see them and they looked very relaxed and ready to go. Thank you to Sport Waikato staff who helped us with this event. 

The most exciting things however is the arrival of a few things within the school. The first is the new sand for the sandpit and bark for the playgrounds. Boring for adult’s great fun for children. Following that, is the arrival of new classroom furniture for Rooms 1 and 2. This new furniture ticks the boxes for our flexi classrooms to be established and running within the school. “Flexi classes?” I hear you are asking. This is when our students have more access to their own learning and being an active part of the process. We had a fantastic example of it at the end of 2014 in the senior school and are following this example in classes throughout the rest of this year and beyond. Why would we do this? Well it enables our students to own their learning, be responsible for their next steps and achieve at a faster rate with greater personalised support for them. Your children are already a part of this. The goal setting meetings you had and the tick type lists you see in books are the first step. You as parent will be able to monitor with greater accuracy where your child is at and where the next step will be by looking on the walls in the classes. Each class has the reading, writing and maths levels appropriate for the class on the wall. If they don’t then ask the teacher to share them with you. I would like to point out that there is no haste in this process. Some classes have embraced this concept faster than others. We are all working on what it will look like in the upcoming months. This year is all about researching, looking at other schools, and talking with each other. The talking means with you as parents and caregivers as well. 

I do have to tell you that when I went to school the urtherest I had to walk to school was about three blocks. Half a kilometre if I was lucky. So I don’t really understand bus behaviour. I am not sure why the language changes on the buses once it leaves the school grounds. I cannot understand why children scream loudly on the bus at each other or try to stand up and look over the seats. So to help me understand what is happening on the buses I have asked the local college children to look out for our students on the local buses and to tell us if any behaviour needs further talking about. They have reported back that the behaviour is “pretty good”. So I am hopeful that our students will always show POWER at all time on the buses as well as here at school. We are being watched. 

Interschool athletics is being held this Thursday. Good luck to our students participating in this cluster event. 

Wasn’t it great to see the rain over the weekend? 

Paula Farquhar


Newsletter March 17