Newsletter Week 7 Term 3 2015

Wonderful weather we are putting on for the ERO team who are working inside the school for the next few days. This experienced team of ex and current primary school principals are walking around the school talking with the board, senior leadership team, teachers and support staff and our students. As parents ‘your opportunity is today at 2.20pm in the staffroom.’ 

I have really enjoyed seeing our Change topic in action and its final conclusion last Tuesday. Our students have had a wide range of experiences in the field of science. Combined with their own investigation and experiments they have been exposed to the Science in the Van show and the hands on science experience from the Science Road show. The presenters from both shows were very impressed with the amount of scientific knowledge that our students had and their understanding of how things can change from ‘One State to Another.’ These words of wisdom came out of our junior school. 

Our Interschool Cross Country Team will be representing us next week. As always we have high hopes on their performance and even higher expectations on their behaviour. Claire Smith and Colleen Green will be taking the team on the day at Spa Park. It is our expectation that our students will sit with their school and cheer for the incoming runners. They don’t leave the area unless given permission by the teacher. We also acknowledge that it is a long time to sit until the last race so we are happy for parents who are watching to bring the younger children back to school. 

With this rain that is occurring I think spare clothes are in order for our younger children. The temptation to run and jump in the puddles is very strong. Even the teachers want to jump in the puddles. However we don’t have enough spare clothes to go around. If you think your child might be one of those who might jump in the puddles then place a spare set of clothes in their bag. 

There has been a lot of sickness around this year. I did think that the frosts and cold weather might have killed off the bugs. Val did send a number of children home yesterday. It is important that our contact details are 

up-to-date. An overview for our Health and PE Curriculum can be found in the school office. If you have any feedback you would like to give to the school about this document please send it to Claire Smith or Paula Farquhar

Kind regards. 

Paula Farquhar


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