Newsletter Week 8 Term 1 2015

We had a delightful assembly by Room 5 sharing with us their own ideas in an acrostic poem. Very clever thinking by our students. They then sung for us planting the seed of the song in our heads. “The Sound of Music” does that to you. Teachers all around the school could be heard singing or humming to their classes for the rest of the day. This and the baking by Room 2 students made the perfect day at Wairakei. 

The cooler weather arrived last week. We all know what that will mean. Sweatshirts and hoodies for the mornings and leaving them on the ground outside the classroom or the field. Please name your children’s clothing. It makes our job so much easier. It is also important that your child wears the correct sweatshirts and hoodie every day. The red ones and green ones stand out on the field. You can spot those out of uniform in a flash. 

There is a lot on for the last two weeks of school. Our junior classes are going swimming for the next two weeks. They will be traveling by bus and having a trained instructor taking the lessons. 

The senior classes are having a first aid course here at school this week and then off to camp for the last week of term. 

To commemorate 100 years since the First World War we will be having a small service here at school on Friday April 24, 2015 starting at 10a.m. There will be some more details in next week’s newsletter. 

We have set a date for the opening of the Aquaponics unit. It will be held on Friday May 1, 2015 at 10a.m. So set this date in your calendar. We are planning on having an open day after the official opening so that you can come through the unit and see the fish in action. Our Enviro group will act as guides on the day. 

If you have dates for the Community Calendar please send them to Rhonda Ellington at the school office or email her

The furniture, desks and chairs that came out of Rooms 1 and 2 are for sale. The desks and chair sets are $20. Single desks $15 and chairs $10 each. All furniture needs to be picked up from the school. Contact Val in the office to arrange a time to view and purchase. 

Have a great week as we head towards the end of daylight savings. 

Paula Farquhar Principal 

Donations to Vanuatu We have been approached for donations to be sent to Vanuatu. Six containers have been organised to leave next week. They are looking for blankets, clothes, toys, books, tarpaulins, water containers, buckets, canned food etc. If you would like to donate any of these items please have them at school by Friday March 27, 2015. Thank you. 

 Paula Farquhar


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