Newsletter Week 8 Term 2 2015

Thank you to Room 7 for hosting a lovely assembly on Friday. They did a wonderful job celebrating their learning. I hope you are keeping a close eye on the website as there are lovely new videos from classes. They, the students and teachers have started adding SOLO to the videos and what the task is. Just a note to add. Sometimes you need to go to the end of the video to see the last hidden gems of learning. They are all very neat to see. 

This is one of my favourite newsletters to write. We are having a school hangi to celebrate Matariki or the Māori New Year. So here are some things you need to know about the school hangi celebration. 

1. The date for the hangi is Thursday 18 June, 2015. 

2. We will be putting down only 350 hangi packets. 

3. Cost will be $4 per packet for each child and any adults who wish to order a meal. 

4. Please fill in the order form at the bottom of this newsletter and send back to school with payment. 

5. The hangi preparation will be held on Wednesday 17 June, 2015 starting at 9.15a.m. in classrooms. 

6. We need 

a. parents to help us with the preparation day. 

b. cutting boards and knives for the preparation day. 

c. volunteers to make the stuffing. 

d. donations of vegetables to be sent to the school office: 

1. Pumpkins 2. Potatoes 3. Kumera 4. Cabbage or Silver beet 5. Dried Sage Herbs 6. Lots of Rosemary and Thyme foliage 7. Butter for stuffing 8. Flour for fried bread 7. We need you all to come and be with us and ready to eat with us at 1p.m. 8. We will be making vegetarian options as well. 

The classes themselves will be having a Matariki rotation starting at 9.30a.m after the hangi has been put down to cook. This is a wonderful day of celebration for the school and as part of the day our new students will be planting their own tree just like we did last year. 

We would like every child to be an active part of the celebration. 

The last day for orders will be Wednesday 17 June, 2015 at 9.30a.m. So please make your orders as quickly as you can. If you would like to be a part of this exciting day please come to our meeting on Thursday 11 June, 2015 in the staffroom starting at 8.30a.m. 

Please use the school patrolled crossing after school. It is a serious hazard for adults to be crossing the road with students without using the crossing. We have a trained 

School Patroller at the school driveway to remind you where to cross, please respect their instructions and cross at the crossing. They have the right to report such incidents to the Police. 

As teachers and support staff we have seen an increase in the amount if rubbish being left around the school on a daily basis. We have discussed this issue at length with the students and have decided to try a new way to stop the rubbish in the gardens and on the field. We ask that every child takes their rubbish home with them in their lunch box. This will cut down on the school costs to empty the many bins around the school. It will also stop cats and rats having a lovely feast in the bins after school. You as a parent will also be able to see what your child is eating and how much they are eating. I strongly suggest that you might like to repackage some other food especially yogurt as the containers make a big mess in your lunch boxes. It makes a big difference towards being a litter free school. We will trial this for the next few weeks looking to implement it fully from term three onwards. 

Kind regards, 

Paula Farquhar 


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