Nutritionist visits Te Mihi Community

Te Mihi saw the completion of our work around ‘Interactions’, namely how food interacts with our bodies and what constitutes healthy or unhealthy food.

We were lucky to have a visit from nutritionist Jasmin Jackson, of the NZ Heart Foundation. We learned so much about the nutritional content of foods and drinks, especially the amount of sugar that secretly hides in the things we eat and drink. Jasmin showed us packets of sugar next to the drinks - this was eye-opening stuff and something that we will think about the next time we reach for a drink or a snack at the dairy.


Savannah checks the sugar and dietary fibre content


Jayda checks how much sodium(salt) is in here


Talking about if muesli bar are healthy


James shares his astonishment with Jasmin


Look at all the sugar in those drinks

1 Jasmin checks out what we already know