Ohaaki Community Newsletter

Dear Parents/Caregivers of students in the Ohaaki Community,

Welcome to the 2016 year. We have many new and exciting  initiatives that we hope to begin to implement this year. We will be working together as a “community” with our wonderful Year 3 and 4’s from Rooms 1, 2 and 3.

Our teachers consist of Room 1 - Marie Woolnough and Carla Ross, Room 2 -  Margo Clark and Room 3 - Rebecca  Ingram.                .

Some of our daily learning will be combined throughout these 3 classrooms and some will continue to be within our own home rooms.  We are having our first parent meeting to share with you how this will be working during week 4.  We hope you can join us and meet the teachers in our team and find out how we will operate in our new learning community.  We will follow the same routines around classroom behaviour, have the same homework options, work together on exciting learning opportunities and develop your child’s understanding of the world they now live in.

We will be utilising the learning space opposite Room 1 and 2 at different parts of the day in line with our collaborative learning within the school. Our cloak bay is shared between our classes. Hopefully most of the students will have their stationery required to start their learning. Please ensure that this is purchased as soon as possible.  Bus students will need to ensure that they have the correct bus tag for this year on the buses.

Homework: Sheets sent home on a Monday, completed and returned on Friday. Sheets practice Spelling, Reading and Maths. This will start week 3.

Reading books will not be sent home at this stage due to 500 readers lost  during 2015.

Library Day: 

  • Room 1, Wednesday
  • Room 2 & 3, Monday  2pm

Literacy: Writing  focus is on Poetic writing. Reading will be individually focussed for your child’s learning needs.

Mathematics: We will begin the school year revisiting the Number strand  as our first topic of learning. This covers basic addition and subtraction concepts. Some testing will occur so that we can tailor the learning required for all students.  Statistics will be covered as our strand area of learning.

Physical Education: We will have daily PE sessions where we will be learning new skills and times to practice these skills throughout the school term. Our focus for Term 1 is  Athletics. We will be aiming towards our school Athletics day and also our Year 4’s will have the opportunity to try out for our Interschool Athletics team against the other Taupo Schools later in the term. We will notify you of the dates later.  Fitness is an important aspect to your child’s learning and this will be incorporated into our daily PE programme.

Inquiry: Our topic for term 1 begins with revisiting how P.O.W.E.R. works for us and classroom routines and guidelines. We move into Turangawaewae  in week three and what this means for us as a learning community.

Parent helpers: We hope to start electives in week 3 on Fridays from 11.30 - 1.  We will require parent helpers to assist us in this exciting opportunity for learning.  If you have a special interest please get in touch with our community teachers and let us know.  eg - cooking, arts, sports, crafts, technology, photography etc.  We will need a commitment from you to be here each Friday for approximately 9 Fridays.  A timetable will be provided.

We will need help for any trips that may occur during the year also.

Overnight camp experience for Year 4: This is currently being investigated as an option for our year 4 students while seniors are away on their camp.  More details to follow.

Interschool sports days: Our year 4 students are eligible for competing for our school and will be selected from the results of our school athletics day.

Contact details: It is important that we have up to date contact details held at the office if we need to contact you.  Please include a cell phone number and an email address.

Bus Students: All bus students must have the correct tag to travel on buses this year.  These are available from the office.

Feel free to contact us on our emails.

Kind regards

The Ohaaki Teachers

Our contact details are:

Staff welcomes

R1 Marie Woolnough 

R1 Carla Ross 

R2 Margo Clark

R3 Rebecca Ingram

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