Ohaaki Community, Year 3 and 4, 2016

Dear Parents/ Caregivers,

2016 will be an exciting journey for our learning community.  Our team of teachers consists of Marie Woolnough -  team leader, Carla Ross, Margo Clark and Rebecca Ingram.

  • We will be housed in Rooms 1, 2 and 3.  It is our intention to have collaborative learning areas covering the New Zealand Curriculum with Literacy, Numeracy, Inquiry and Physical Education.  

  • Our planning will be collaborative taking into account all the learning needs of our students in years 3 and 4. As part of the process we will be collecting student data on a regular basis throughout the term to allow for us to monitor student learning in the above areas.

We as teachers are looking forward to providing great learning opportunities for our students aligned to the key competencies

  • Managing self, relating to others, thinking, participating and contributing, using  language and symbols and text.

We will be having an information session early in the 2016 year and look forward to sharing our learning opportunities with you all.

Wishing all our families a Happy Christmas and we look forward to working with you all next year.

Yours faithfully,

Marie Woolnough -Team Leader, Carla Ross, Margo Clark, Rebecca Ingram

Download: Ohaaki-2016-letter-to-parents.pdf

Ohaaki 2016 letter to parents