Ohaaki Team PE

This term Ohaaki Team are learning small ball skills in PE.



We are participating in weekly rotations of tennis, cricket, T-Ball and small ball skill drills. Mrs Woolnough is teaching drills and skills, Mrs Painter is teaching cricket, Whaea Margo is teaching T-Ball and Mrs Lightfoot is teaching tennis.


Jayden and Cam


Lucas Tennis

Nick “Fergus and I liked being partners, but we both needs to work on our aiming accuracy but we worked out if we bounced passed it was easier to hit”

Room 3 are lucky to be on tennis this week. We have to remember to wear our shoes and hat, follow the safety rules for crossing the road. Once we are at the tennis court we practice holding the tennis racquet correctly.

Bailey “The first day Ben and I were having so much fun that we were laughing the whole time, I was hitting the ball too high but at the end of the week”

We practice passing the tennis ball, bouncing the tennis ball, catching the tennis ball, trying to use the correct throwing and catching technique. We have to show perseverance and patience as we are all learning. It is a lot of fun, and we love going over to the tennis courts.




Capri Tennis

Capri “I liked playing with my friends, at the start of the week we were not so good at rallying but as the week went on we got better”