Once in a Lifetime

Takahae release

Eight (8) Enviro Group students, Amanda & Ms Fitzsimmons were invited by NZ Department of Conservation (D.O.C.) to attend the re-homing of two extremely rare and endangered NZ native Takahe birds. The birds have been retired from the breeding programme on Mana Island into the Wairakei Golf Course and Sanctuary. Approximately 4 years ago, the International Golf Course owners built a special predator-free fence around the property’s perimeter and now golfers share their course with native wildlife - Kiwi, Takahe, Whio (blue duck), Tui, Kereru (wood pigeon) … 



NZ Department of Conservation staff release ‘Grant and Flotsam’.


The release sight was at the back of the Golf Course so they kindly let us travel by Golf Carts (yes, each cart had an adult driver).



Our group of students who attended, beside the Predator Proof fencing- Cooper, Myles, Sulize, Rory, Isabel, Danica, Rose and Esme.


Enviroschools Green Gold Board - The board has been mounted on the front of the Library, facing the road, and by one of our main entrances.


A few slugs have found their way into the worm farm. By the size of them, they like the food and atmosphere in there too. (We think they came from eggs on the ‘greens’ we fed to the worms).


Bargain. We picked up five (5) Corokia bushes for our Maze - $2.00 each. Thank you Taupo Native Plant Nurseries.


16.3.15 Herb Pots - mint, sage, rosemary, thyme and parsley043-2015-03-28-nlwossQWla1r4itdv-500.png


Worm Tea is bottled and ready for labeling. The worm farm is doing well and the children are doing a fine job of the feeding and general care of the unit. The difference in colour is due to the type of food they are eating.


A.N.Z.A.C. Garden - we are making a garden at the top of the terraces in the Aquaponic Unit to place our Remembrance Crosses. Students have been clearing the debris out of the beds.


Part of our Team - Corey and Jane are valuable members of our group. They share their knowledge with us and help with our projects. These amazing parents also do a lot of work in the background and we appreciate their help.



13.3.15 We received new bark for our playgrounds and gardens. Students have been working with John to get the bark into the right places.049-2015-03-28-nlwlf9VzYX1r4itdv-500.png



5.3.15 - Temperature Gauges - we have purchased gauges which allow us to track the temperatures inside our FlexiTunnel, fish tank water temp. and the outside temperature. As an example - 8:25am outside was 3 oC, Tunnel 12 oC, fish tank 18 oC. The highest mid-day reading we have seen is 36 oC.


While watching the butterflies, these girls found some self-grown potatoes which they took home for their dinner.

Wood Carvers Convention - Some of NZ’s talented craftsmen and women have been at our school over the weekend and on Friday kindly showed our students their skills and some of the products they make from native woods. The shavings from their creations was used around plants in the gully.


Khingston digs the hole for their tree.


John plants a tree with the students.


Beautiful specimens grown with 'Liquid Gold’.



Greg always has a smile and did a great job. Here he extends the power leads on the pumps and fitted outdoor plugs.




Hard at work - Keeping our grounds clean and tidy is not just up to our caretaker. Today we help clear weeds and debris from the gully and around the Aquaponics Unit.


We had two of these units installed - on each side of the unit - catering for future expansions.


Existing old underground piping from the pool was used to house the wiring into the unit and saved digging up the concrete and replacing it.

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