Our Hangi Feast

Part of Wairakei Primary School Matariki celebrations included sharing a hangi feast. Room 9 had fun preparing the hangi packs.

This meant peeling, slicing and washing a variety of vegetables. The vegetables were then placed in a pile with meat and stuffing.  A cabbage leaf was placed on top before everything was wrapped up tight. It was great that we had mums, brothers and a Nana in our room to help with the preparation.


Cutting and slicing


Concentrating on peeling

Cutting the seeds out of the pumpkin was pretty fun. It took me quite a few times to wrap the hangi as I had to fold it. My favourite bit of the hangi was the chicken because I like eating chicken. It is one of my favourite meats.



Whanau fun

My favourite part was taking the seeds out of the pumpkin. The seeds are in the middle so you scrape them out or cut then out with a knife. The blade was sharp. You might put blood on your finger if you put it on the pointy bit. I liked the parts where you wrapped it.  I liked the carrots and the potatoes. The chicken legs have got bones. But you don’t eat the bones.



Building a food pile

I have never tried chicken drumstick in a hangi before. It was cooked properly. The chop and the chicken didn’t get dirt on it.



The finished hangi pack

4 Building a food pile2.