Our Little Orchard is Growing.

We received thirteen (13) fruit trees - 5 apple, 5 pear, 2 orange and 1 peach. These will add to the fruit trees and vines we have already.

We received the trees as part of an initiation for schools to grow and provide fruit for our children.

During our enviro session, the students started planting the trees and look forward to some yummy delicious fruit in the near future.

We wish to acknowledge the programmes supporters, McGarth Nurseries and Rhodes Street School of Hamilton. Also, thank you to Donna at St. Patricks School Taupo for collecting our trees for us.

It is so rewarding that we have all worked together on this worthwhile project.


Jake, James, Kane with our new fruit trees


Planting some of the 'bare-root' trees into a temporary plot


Emma planted the peach tree

Jake James Kane with our new fruit trees