Over the Back Fence

Room 13 are global citizens.  Each week we connect to Rosmini College who give us lessons in different things we might be interested in. In our first visit, to our global classroom, we spoke to the Teacher, Geoff Wood. He showed us where we were on Google Earth and he showed us where he is. He also showed us to the school in India where some students will be visiting us next week via our digital classroom. We can't wait to meet them. They are big kids teaching little kids.

We also think Ms Matthews needs to clean her computer screen. 


Over the Back Fence

Over the Back Fence (OtBF) project provide a weekly video lesson to over 56 classrooms across New Zealand and overseas. Rosmini College Year 12 students have led 8-10 minutes lessons to some schools for more than five years.

Yes she definitely needs to clean her computer screen.


Over the Back Fence

We feel very lucky to be able to learn with others in our world. 

If you would like to join us, we join our Global Classroom at 2.30pm every Wednesday. You would be most welcome. 

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