Over the holiday break

The maze has survived the hot weather very well and has become overgrown and it’s in need of a major tidy up. This could be due to it being situated in a shady part of the grounds. Today we began weeding, started trimming the hedges and mowed the walking paths. Students will continue with the tidy up once school has settled in.


Carvings -

These were a student initative approximately seven years ago and tell the story of school and community commitment and support for each other. Due to cost and safety issues, the carvings were done on a router machine by a Taupo business and finsihing work was then carried out by our students. They are on local native timber donated by a community member and some financial support was given by the Taupo Community Arts Council. Due to redevelopment of the buildings within the school, the original mounting site no longer exists and a new suitable home has been found for them. They will form the entrance to our native tree Brain Maze and become guardians of our school. An official unveiling will be held on Monday 4th February 2013.


Over the holiday break -

Amanda and Teah tendered to the needs of our worm farm and the worms are very happy and healthy.

Community members were able to use produce from the gardens as the items became ready for use. The berry vines produced a good quantiy of fruit this season.

The garden beds have now been prepared for replanting by students on our return to school. Taupo’s rainfall in the passed few weeks has been almost non existant and the ground is super dry and extremely brown. The pumpkins are growing well.


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