Paper4Trees 2015





In week 5 of Term 2, the Taupo area experienced some extremely strong winds during the night and a neighbouring farm tree fell down, damaging the top of our ‘Brain’ Maze. Trees earned through the Paper4Trees Recycling Programme arrived the following week and along with a few extras, a planting session was held. The ‘head and face’ hedges have been successfully repaired.

Thank you to Taupo Native Plant Nurseries who sponsor and donate the Paper4Trees plants. Another big thanks goes to the Grant family for the wonderful job cleaning up the tree and reducing the damage to our precious Maze.

May 22, 2015

Cabbages - students planted 20 cabbage plants today which were kindly donated by Palmers Garden Centre (Taupo) & Hills Nurseries (Hastings).



We place old tin cans around the young plants to protect them from slugs and damage by weather and animals.

Blueberry Plant -  Term 2 2015


Yummy blueberries. Roll on next season! We will purchase some more plants when they come into stock again.

Paige’s Plants

It is great to see our students extending their enviro practices outside of school time. Paige has been growing plants from seed at home and has brought these ones in for us to plant in the Aquaponics Unit.


Great work Paige.    

We have planted a Meyer Lemon Tree in the terraced garden area in the Aquaponics Unit Complex. Old newspaper was used for the weed-matting and bark placed around the tree to reduce weeds.


Tool Room

One of the old changing rooms has been refurbished and turned into our tool room. John has done an amazing job for us. He used old cabinets and shelving that was destined for the landfill and with some alterations and  paint, they are better than new.


We now have everything we need on hand and neatly organised



Phew! At last we have all the scoria neatly stock-piled inside the complex


These hard-working delightful creatures continue to much through mountains of food, turning it into liquid fertilizer and providing healthy castings which we use in our vege gardens.

Some of our worms now have a new ‘home’— in the Aquaponic growing beds. They will help keep the beds clean.

Friday June 5, 2015 - Firelighters


With the cooler weather arriving, we have started receiving orders for firelighters. Today we made more stocks and filled current orders.


We have applied to The Warehouse, Taupō to be a recipient of their Community Funding Programme. If we are successful, funds will be used across our enviro projects.

Wednesday May 27, 2015

Celebration Day—today we harvested our first produce from our Aquaponics Unit. We picked three (3) Bok Choy from  ‘A’ Set-up.


Myles, who has spent many hours helping build the unit, took the first one home.

Bok Choy is growing well in our unit. Using scoria and clay beads in our beds, we are experimenting with which medium best suits plant varieties.

Saturday June 6, 2015

As part of achieving our Sunsmart School accreditation last November, we received a voucher to purchase trees. As our summer was extremely hot we held off until now to make our purchases. Today we picked up a plum tree, two mandarins, two feijoas and a corokia.

The plum tree was a ‘bareroot’ plant so this was planted straight away, in the Aquaponic Unit terraced garden. The others will be planted with the students during the week.




Sunday June 7, 2015

The plants in our Aquaponic grow beds are doing very well. Even     though we are still in the early stages, the systems are producing positive results. Harvesting times will improve as the units mature.



 Beetroot, Rainbow Beet, Spinach     Oh so cute, our first cauliflower.



The beans have flowers on them  and . . .  celery seems to like scoria.



June 6, 2015

Regular testing of the water in both growing units is important.

All students are learning how to carry out testing for pH, ammonia, nitrites and nitrates. Results are recorded to enable us to track each units progress