Pet day report from the PTA

Another fantastic year at the Wairakei Primary School Pet Day


As a parent and a PTA member there is a lot to consider and you never quite know how it is going to go! The first stress is what pet to take? Once you have that most vital of questions answered all the other factors need to align. Have we organised enough sausages and steak for the BBQ. Is the home baking going to come flooding in. What is the weather going to do? Is the date clashing with something else? Have we got enough parent help?

Apart from some rather squally showers (the first in 29 years) and a bit of wind (it was the calves I swear) the 2016 Wairakei Primary School annual pet day was a great success. The week leading up to pet day is a frenzy of activity. The buzz of excitement from the students is obvious, especially on the Thursday and Friday when the year six stalls have a test run and the vegetable creations, sand saucers and flowers arrangements are prepared. The parents are wrapping the home baking and the teachers are praying for sunshine.


Saturday morning starts early for the teachers and PTA assembling at the school by 7a.m. to erect gazebos, prepare the stalls and lay out the raffles. Horse floats and trailers filter in and the beloved pets are prepared for the day. There is everything from piglets, hamsters, rabbits and chickens to calves, lambs and ponies.

8a.m. and the buzz in the air is growing. People are starting to arrive; the judging has started and the quick fire winning wheel is in full swing. There is frenzied fossicking through the white elephant stall to find the bargains of the day. Then the waft of the steak and sausages cooking on the BBQ starts to filter across the school grounds. This combined with the cool breeze is too much and the que starts to grow.


By 10a.m. the que at the BBQ is impressive the baking has flown off the stall and the first of the winning wheel raffles have been won. Ribbons have been awarded and the sound of kids laughing and parents chatting dances in the air. But wait there is more. The novelty cakes decorated by our year six students are about to be auctioned and the grand parade is underway. Secretly parents hold their breath praying the beloved pet doesn’t make a bid for freedom during the parade resulting in panic and chaos. Luckily it went without a hitch and once all pets were safely returned to their cages and trailers the year six stalls were brought out and the fun began. The excitement of the children is contagious. Lollies are won and the children are running between the stalls and the bouncy castle.


More raffles are won and the BBQ doesn’t let up. A few showers passed through but it doesn’t dampen the mood.  Then all too quickly it is 1p.m. and buzz of the gala has ended and been exchanged with frantic scurries of the PTA and parent to return the school to normal and just the takings are being counted and just like that another pet day is done and dusted!


2016 was a great pet day for the school. Thanks to all the school whanau, friends and family. Also, a massive thank you to all the sponsors who donated items for the winning wheel and online auctions your support is amazing and made a huge contribution to the success of the day.

View photos of Pet day here

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