Pet Day Stalls Sneak Peek

Year 6 students are hard at work preparing the Pet Day stalls for our Pet Day on Saturday 4 November.

Watch our 'Pet Day test run' video here

This involves developing our collaboration skills, showing leadership, being organised, delegating jobs within our groups, and time management. Students must rely on their own efforts to make sure their stall is a success.

There are a few old favourites to play, as well as some new original concepts that look enticing. Tokens are only 50c to buy so we look forward to seeing lots of people coming to try their luck. There are small prizes to be won and lots of fun to be had!


Challenges involving food are quite inviting


This stall sounds electrifying


This is a mystery so far


Nerf guns always prove popular


Creature Chaos - written in code


Find the missing object

This is a mystery so far 2