Pet Stall Day


October 2013 - We made a new sign for our stall which we are holding on Pet Day.

24th September 2013 Tuesday

GREAT NEWS!!!!!!  

We received an email informing us that our entry in the Mother Earth Rewards 2013 received the ‘People’s Choice’ award and we will receive $500.00 towards our Aquaponics project.


Thursday 17th October 2013 - BOT Presentation

at 5:30 pm today, Tayla B. and Teah S. re-presented our Aquaponics Unit proposal to our new Board of Trustees members. The presentation went really well with very positive comments and feedback given. The new board are continuing support of the project.

**     16.10.13  And even more exciting news -

A huge “THANK YOU" to FONTERRA LTD who are donating $5,000.00 towards our Aquaponics Unit.

With funds we have raised this year, the above donation and  money received from Mother Earth, we now have approx $6,600.00. About half way there!


Today’s Session – we continued with writing our presentation for Hamilton. We made a list of questions to be used in our Enviro Hot Seat activity.

Saturday WOW!!!! what an awesome day we had. Fine weather, lots of fun and a very successful stall run with the help of our group members. Hollie M. and Ana were the main attendees. We sold the seedlings we raised (with Roz’s help over the holidays), worm tea, fire lighters, flower shaped candle burns (Roz and her daughter Ella made these) and the beautiful planter boxes made from the old iron from our junior classrooms (Mr Ward made these). We raised $345.00.





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