Pink Shirt Day

Room 12 decided to join the movement to end bullying and to spread kindness throughout Aotearoa. We want everyone to feel good about themselves and to feel safe when they come to school.


Everyone is hard at work

One of the activities Room 12 did was to tie-dye a singlet so we could wear it on Pink Shirt Day. This activity also helped us develop our fine motor skills and our art techniques. We created a garment that we were proud to wear on Friday 18th May. The students shared some of their thoughts in their story writing.


Making the rubber bands tight took effort

We are making pink shirts and we are going to wear them on Friday to stop bullying and to speak up! In 2007 the Pink Shirt Day started and it is spreading around the world.

By Eric


Putting on our pink shirts

I rolled my shirt into a ball. I hope everyone wears a pink shirt on Friday.

By Zoe B


Ready for the dye

On Friday we are going to wear a pink shirt. We are going to have a pink shirt day. I don’t just mean me, I mean the whole school because we want to stop bullying.

By Harry


Room 12 in their pink shirts

I like Pink Shirt Day because we want to stop bullying, I will wear a pink t shirt.

By Grayson

Lots of people get bullied but it will stop because we will stand together and be kind. That’s why we have Pink Shirt Day.

By Taylor C


Sorting out whose is whose

Room 12 joined the movement and so have the other schools in our country. I hope everyone wears a pink shirt on Friday. I don’t like pink but I’m going to wear a pink shirt because I don’t like bullying. If I see someone bullying anyone I will do something about it.

By Stella


Using the crush and fold method

Putting on our pink shirts