Poihipi team letter

Welcome to the beginning of a busy and exciting new school year for the Poihipi Learning Community.  We hope you all enjoyed the summer holidays with your families and friends.  We all enjoyed a relaxing break with our families.  To our new families, welcome to Wairakei Primary School. I am sure you will enjoy the transition of your child from pre-school to the school environment.

Here is a brief outline of our classroom expectations and what we will be covering this term in Rooms 10, 11 & 12.

Class organisation

Our Poihipi learning community for 2017 is based around a collaborative open plan classroom for our new children starting school in Rooms 10 and 11 with our children who started school at the end of last year working in Room 12 with Helen Dredge. While the children will have a homeroom, it is our intention that the children enjoy the benefit of three teachers who will work as a close team to meet the learning and social needs of your child.  These teachers are Tracey O’Sullivan, Mandy Woodcock and Helen Dredge. Tracey O’Sullivan will continue to run the “Steaming into School” programme on Wednesday afternoon and Colleen Green will support the learning programme during these times. Tracey Brear, our teacher aide, will be joining us in Room 10 & 11 this term to support one of the children in our class during their transition to school.


The school polo shirt is compulsory at Wairakei Primary School. School hoodies can be ordered from the office.  Navy blue hats (full brim or bucket) must be worn every day in Term 1 & 4. The rule is no hat, no play. For your benefit please make sure all clothing is named clearly. Children must wear their uniform every day. 

Rules and expectations

Students are expected to manage their behaviour and follow our school vision of P.O.W.E.R. P-ride, O-pportunity, W-hanau, E-xcellence and R-espect.  We will be learning about these values and talking about what these mean to us throughout our classroom programme so we have a positive first term together as a class.  This term we will be focusing on POWER and Interactions during our class inquiry.

Physical Education

This term our PE focus will be on Athletics with our school athletics held later in the term.  The junior school will also be participating in our annual swimming lessons at the AC Baths in the last two weeks of Term 1. More information will be sent out closer to the time.

Brain break and Drinks

We have a daily brain break in class to allow children to “fuel their bodies for learning” so all children need to bring fruit each day in their lunchboxes.  They also need a named drink bottle filled with water that they can leave at school to help them stay hydrated in this hot weather.


Discovery is a "hands on" activity based programme which will be held on Fridays from 11.30a.m.-1.00p.m. All activities inspire an interest in learning and focus on strengthening problem solving and self-management.  This programme allows teachers and students to co-create a positive learning environment where learners can share their learning with others. While the weather is hot could you also please send your child with their togs and a towel for discovery as water play may be available. We welcome parent support at this time.


In your child’s bookbag we have enclosed a homelink book which provides valuable information on literacy/numeracy standards and some fun ways that you can help support your child’s learning.  Each night we will send home a book for them to read as well as sounds/basic sight words for them to practice.  

Library day

Room 10 & 11 - Wednesday

Room 12 - Tuesday

Please ensure your child returns their library book each week so they get the chance to change them.  


All bus students need to ensure they get the correct tag to travel on the school buses. These will be available at the school office.

Upcoming events

Don’t forget to look out for other important dates in the school newsletter which comes out every week on a Tuesday afternoon. 

We hope this letter has been an informative introduction to our class. Please feel free to contact us if you would like to meet to discuss any aspect of your child’s learning.  We look forward to starting this special journey to school with you and your child.

Kind regards

Tracey O’Sullivan, tracey.osullivan@wairakeitaupo.school.nz

Mandy Woodcock mandy.woodcock@wairakeitaupo.school.nz

Helen Dredge, helen.dredge@wairakeitaupo.school.nz

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