Postcard Writing

In Room 15 we have been exploring ways to record our holiday stories.

On the first day of Term 4, we received a postcard from our lovely classroom helper who had been to visit family in England (although Marie did beat the postcard home to New Zealand!).  Marie’s postcard inspired many learning conversations and discussions.

We thought that creating our own postcards would be a fun way to record our holiday stories and to then send our postcards to friends and family.

We spent some time examining Marie’s postcard especially because the front of the postcard had many pictures on it showing a lot of London landmarks and there was a stamp on the back.

“What is a stamp for?” we all asked. “A stamp shows how heavy the postcard is” was one suggestion. Another idea was that a stamp ‘shows it where it has to go”.

We decided that we needed to put on our stamp. To make our stamp extra special Miss Woodcock took a photo of us all one by one and turned us into the ‘stamp’.

We spent time drafting (or practising) what we wanted on our postcards. We had to practise drawing the picture that would be on the front of the postcard then draft our writing about our favourite holiday activities. We were learning that to do our best work we need to take our time and to have perseverance. Our writing became more interesting when we read our stories to our classmates and we helped each other. Once we were happy with our writing and pictures we set to work on the final postcard. We are very proud of our postcards.

Miss Woodcock has written a letter to our parents asking them to help us send our postcards to our friends or family and if those people could write back to us somehow; a letter, an email or even a text or twitter comment. It will be fun to see how many replies we get.


Thinking about Stamps


levi_s postcard


hunter_s postcard


hunter_s picture


grayson_s picture


grayson_ postcard


daniel_s postcard

We created Stamps