Pride and Excellence

It has been great to see all children working on their learning goals during class time. This term there is a big focus on writing, with each child knowing their goal and working towards achieving it each day for writing. Each child has their writing goal sticking up out of their book so they can see it each time they sit down to write. Each child also has their own word and letter card inside their book to help them achieve their writing goal. The teacher will always provide support to children and give them feedback on how they are going. Often I will tick places in their work where a child has met a goal and also leave an occasional comment about things I notice.





For mathematics all groups are also working on their individual goals. Some goals groups are working on include sharing things equally between friends, making patterns of numbers to 10, solving problems by counting all the objects and being able to read any number between 1-20.



This term our Inquiry focus of Minute to Win It is about goal setting and overcoming challenges. Children are continuing to focus on skill based challenges. Feel free to stop by class sometime and challenge your child at one of the challenges they have been doing in class. At the end of the term children will have to teach a skill to a group of class mates so please have a talk to your child about the sorts of things they might do.






Over the last week, Poihipi has also been lucky enough to take part in both football and netball tasters where they are introduced to both sports and learn some basic skills. As part of our athletics practise, children have also been learning about body position and how to start a race.

Keywords: Pride, Excellence, Writing Goals, Inquiry