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Wairakei Chiefs: "We are the champions!"

On Saturday August 20, the Wairakei Chiefs faced a tough battle against United in the final of the Junior Rugby. Wairakei Chiefs came out on top with a very close score of 35-30.

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Book Day Stars

Book Day 2016 was held to coincide with the Book Fair Everyone who dressed up enjoyed the day and took part in a parade around the courts to show off their costume.

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Swim! Run! Term 3 PE in Te Mihi

We love going to swimming and mastering new skills. We all feel more confident in the water. The last day is the best as we get to have a fun day.

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Student-led workshop: Natural disasters artwork

Scarlett and Jacoba hosted a student-led workshop around natural disasters. It was an art workshop, focused on creating paintings with the theme of natural disasters. Read more about 'Student-led workshop: Natural disasters artwork'...


Cross country training

Cross country training is taking place here at Wairakei Primary School. We are very excited to compete in Week 5 on the paddocks of the neighbouring farm.

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Go the Chiefs!

The Chiefs senior rugby team of Wairakei Primary School have made a video to show how much we love rugby and the Waikato Chiefs! We have entered a competition to... Read more about 'Go the Chiefs!'...

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Epro8 Challenge at Taupo Intermediate

Each team was provided with an identical kit containing: metal rods, pulleys, a battery and cables. Read more about 'Epro8 Challenge at Taupo Intermediate'...

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Technology Challenge in Te Mihi

Two challenges were undertaken - one to build a catapult for a castle siege, the other to build the tallest tower for King Richard III. Read more about 'Technology Challenge in Te Mihi'...


Te Mihi Learning Community Term 2, 2016

Welcome back to the second term in the Te Mihi Community of 2016. We have a great term ahead of us and we are looking forward to spending time with... Read more about 'Te Mihi Learning Community Term 2, 2016'...

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