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Magnet Creations

In our Functions inquiry, we have been exploring why things get made and how they fulfil a need. Many inventions are made of metal and use magnets. Read more about 'Magnet Creations'...

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Egg Drop Challenge

As part of our Functions inquiry, some of us decided to take on the 'Egg Drop Challenge'. Read more about 'Egg Drop Challenge'...

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Wairakei Estate Propagation Project

On Wednesday 9 November 2016, all Year 6 students were invited to Wairakei Estate on Broadlands Road to take part in their Propagation Project. Read more about 'Wairakei Estate Propagation Project'...



On Wednesday afternoons at 2pm, students that are interested in sharing their ideas on Twitter can login to take part in @Kidsedchatnz. Read more about 'Kidsedchatnz'...


Book Hedgehogs

Wairakei Primary School, Taupo, Te Mihi learning community Hedgehog books. Te Mihi Community got creative with some unwanted books. We used online instructions to fold the many pages of the books, cut the covers to shape, and attach the eyes and nose. Some people used toothpicks to mimic the spikes of a hedgehog. 

Read more about 'Book Hedgehogs'...

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Connor rocks Room 6

Connor, Room 6, Wairakei Primary School, Taupo performs 'Smoke on the water'.

Read more about 'Connor rocks Room 6'...


Room 6's Little Garden

As part of a New World promotion, alongside School Kit, Wairakei Primary School, Taupo, Room 6 and Room 4 have received their very own 'Little Garden'.

Read more about 'Room 6's Little Garden'...

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Tuwharetoa Festival - Taiopenga 2016

On Wednesday 14th September, our whole school had the opportunity to enjoy the Tuwharetoa Festival and watch our senior and junior kapa haka roopu represent us. It was spectacular. Read more about 'Tuwharetoa Festival - Taiopenga 2016'...

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Student-led hoverboard lessons

Cooper is a pro on his hoverboard at home and when he heard that Mrs Graham had one but couldn't ride it, he saw an opportunity for a student-led workshop. Read more about 'Student-led hoverboard lessons'...

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Taupo Spelling Bee 2016

On Thursday 8 September, five Te Mihi students took part in the Taupo Spelling Bee, hosted at the Great Lake Centre. Read more about 'Taupo Spelling Bee 2016'...