Brain Maze a big trim

Last Monday, Toby, Eliza and Mila spoke at POWER assembly about the rubbish in our playgrounds.

This morning, Ashleigh and Andrew talked at assembly about looking after our Maze.

Print outs of the Maze will be given to classes to do as an activity with the focus students will have a better understanding of the layout.

Wednesday 6.8.14 - Enviroschools Creative Art Workshop

We took 8 students to this workshop which was held at the Tauhara Centre, Acacia Bay, Taupo. With having a large dedicated group of students it is hard to pick just 8 - the students who went were: Teah, Sulize, Benny, Myles, Rose, Nyah, Esme and Khingston.

Workshops were hands-on, providing ideas and showing how to make things from recycled materials - the sessions included drumming, making a banner, show time with The Travelling Tuataras and making an eel puppet.

We really appreciate Enviroschools staff bringing these days to the Taupo schools. They are relevant and fun for the children while learning excellent skills and information.


This has been an extremely busy week . John (our caretaker), parents and the students have been working together to give our Brain Maze a big trim and prune the trees around the Aquaponic Unit fences. All the green waste was shredded and the mulch is going onto our gardens. Andrew M. kindly made, and donated, a set of steps to us so we can enter the Aquaponics Tunnel area safely. These have been secure in place for us.


The new steps leading down into the aquaponics unit area


The Brain Maze hedges have had a big trim


John shredding the green waste

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