Red Dot Tree

We began planning for our presentation at week 10’s assembly tackling the issue of RUBBISH. 'What do you want the rest of the school/community to know and what do we want them to do to solve the problems?'  We looked at the related cost monthly/yearly of the Tidy Binn, what is possibly in it and discussed the recycling programmes we do already.

Outside today we: feed the worms, repainted the 'walking spaces’ pegs for the maze and put them back in, discussed the possiblity of seeking permission for a new climbing tree and what we could call it, the old tyres have arrived to start the staircase in the gully.

Red Dot Tree - sadly, someone has broken the new shoot off. We will wait to see if it re-shoots next spring.

Bayley, Lexie and Claudia continued with the designing of our noticeboard.

March 2013

Mackenzie (Y4 student) submitted this letter as to why enviro is important to her.

I really want to be in Enviro, so I can learn how we can help and make Wairakei a clean school and care for the environment.

We want to help the environment but the pollution we made kills the plants. Every piece of rubbish that is dropped down the drain gets washed in to the lake. I really want taupo to be a clean healthy place to live.

(Mackenzie also had a beautiful photo, however, I haven’t been able to upload it).

March 2013

Coen (Y4) presented the following on a beautiful hand-made poster.

I like enviro because I want to respect New Zealand and the world. I will tell people not to litter aound this world. We must keep our birds and animals safe. I want to put plants in the ground so they can grow and make more nature.

By Coen

Tuesday 4.2.13 - we planted lettuces, cabbages and cauliflower seedlings into our vegge garden. The soil is very dry and the weather extremely hot. Lots of early morning watering will be done.

RED DOT TREE - After many years, our iconic tree has sprouted a new shoot. Hopefully it will continue to grow and we will have a whole new experience with this wonderful part of nature.

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