Rm 11 Water Safety Day


Floating on their backs

On the last day of Term 1 Room 11 took part in a water safety day at the AC Baths to finish their two weeks of swimming lessons.

Our class was split into two groups.  First we had to sit backwards to the pool and flop onto our backs to enter the water.  This is how to make a safe exit from a boat.  Then we all put on life jackets. We learnt that in order to be safe you have to wear the right size life jacket and that everybody on the boat needs one.  Even mums and dads.  After we put on life jackets we learnt to make a huddle in our groups.  Our arms had to be around the waist of the people either side or us.  We made a circle.  We floated on our backs and worked together as a team.   After we made the huddle we made a caterpillar line and took turns monkey crawling along the line to take turns at the front and back.  Again we had to work as a team and help each other to keep everyone safety.  We learnt the one arm in the air single for help and to shout HELP really loudly.  Water safety day was a really fun way to finish our swimming lessons for the year we all learnt lots of thing to help keep us safe.

Student Voice

“When can we do it again?”  Madison

“I liked floating on my back.” Kaylie

“Making the huddle was fun.” Hunter


Ethan about to do a safe entry


Learning to huddle


Hand signal for help