Room 12 and the Truck at School

Room 12 saw a truck at school and begged Mrs Thompson to let us watch it.

Our blend for the week was ‘tr’ for truck and some of us had just put up ‘wonders’ on our Wonder Wall asking how trucks work, so Mrs Thompson decided to take us all out to watch the truck.

The truck had a crane on it and it lifted supplies over the fence and into the gully. The supplies were for our new gully steps. We asked the driver if we could interview him, so he packed up the crane and turned off the noisy motor, then came to talk to us. His name was Brian and he answered all our questions about the truck, the crane, the motor, the fuel, and the wheels.

We learned lots about trucks and cranes. The next day Mrs Thompson read us a book about different kinds of trucks.  Then we wrote stories about the truck with the crane.  Thanks, Brian from Placemakers for talking to us!


truck crane 4


truck crane 3


truck crane 2


truck crane 1


truck at school


Room 12 watching the truck


Lifting supplies into the gullyIMG-0306.JPG


Folding up the crane

Caleb and timber