Room 14 Swimming

Room 14 has been having a blast at swimming this week. We are very lucky to have such a nice warm pool at the AC Baths and such lovely swimming teachers to help us. Lots of parents and grandparents have been taking the opportunity to come and watch us which has been great.

We have been working very hard to improve our swimming.  We have been getting used to putting our face under the water and blowing bubbles. Also making sure we remember to kick with nice straight legs and use our big circle arms for freestyle. Some of us have also been working on learning back-stroke.  


Sometimes you just have to come up for some air

“I like swimming because the water is so warm.” Lexi


Getting ready for the motorbike race


This is so relaxing


Stretching out on our backs


Rocket on our backs


Ring a Ring a Roise

“I like doing the caterpillar.” Piper “ I like doing starfish.” Casey


Remember to kick

“I like going underwater to get the rings.” Ashe


Learning to float on our backs


Learning those circle arms

“I like doing the big arms.” Lizzie


Here is the start of backstroke

This is so relaxing2