Room 14’s Tidy Kiwi’s

Last Friday afternoon our school was looking untidy so Room 14’s tidy kiwi’s set to work.

Room 14 is a wonderful group of students who often use our school’s rubbish problem as an opportunity to show pride and respect for our environment and work together as team to pick up rubbish and keep our school tidy.

We have sharp eagle eyes that can spot tiny pieces of rubbish and rubbish at a far distance.  We are not afraid to pick up the yucky stuff (even quashed banana’s).  Don’t worry we always wash our hands after.  We also know that many hands make light work and it only takes us a few minutes if we work together as a team.  

Last Friday after fish and chip lunch orders and an ice pop fundraiser we had our biggest rubbish pick up ever. We took a photo of what we picked up after lunch to share with our whole school and raise awareness of this problem.

Look at all that rubbish