Room 3 & 4 Interactions

Room 3 & 4 have been 'Interacting' through letter writing. We wrote a letter about ourselves in our own classrooms.

We described ourselves and what we liked to do, some of us wrote about our friends and family too. We finished the letter with a big ? because the next step of our class interactions was a guessing game. Room 3 delivered their letters to Room 4 and they delivered theirs to Room 3. We read the letters and then had to guess from the description in the letter who the author was.

 Most of us guessed straight away. 


We then found our letter writing buddy.


We had to ask questions and listen to our classmates.


It was easy to find the author if they had written a detailed description of themselves using adjectives to help the reader 'paint a picture' of the person. Lots of detail helped too.

It was a lot of fun learning more about our classmates from Room 3 & 4.