Room 3 writing

Student Agency

The students in room three have been using their student agency to write their own mid year reports to give to their parents on Friday July 3, 2015. The self assessed reports give where the student thinks they are in their learning for Reading, Writing and Math based on their own understanding of the National Standards. Then the report follows up with the next learning step and a general comment.

How the learning task was presented to the class

Self and Peer –Assessment Task

W.A.L.T… to assess our learning

Success Criteria:

  1. Assess my own learning under Writing, Reading and Mathematics.
  • Identify strengths and next steps.

Add a general comment about myself as a person including behaviour ie self–management. Choose a buddy to write a peer-assessment on. Follow the same steps.

These students have also been self assessing their peers within the room and sharing the feedback with each other.


Laura Room 3 2015 Mid-year report

Download: Laura-Room-3-Mid-year-report.pdf


Lucy Room 3 Mid Year Report 2015

Download: Lucy-Room-3-Mid-year-report.pdf


Mya Room 3 Mid Year Report 2015

Download: Mya-Room-3-Mid-year-report.pdf


Itahia Room 3 Mid Year Report 2015

Download: Itahia-Room-3-Mid-year-report.pdf


Corbin Room 3 Mid Year Report 2015

Download: Corbin-Room-3-Mid-year-report.pdf


Rebekah Room 3 Mid Year Report 2015

Download: Rebekah-Room-3-Mid-year-report.pdf


Esme Room 3 Mid Year Report 2015

Download: Esme-Room-3-Mid-year-report.pdf


Bodie Room 3 Mid Year Report 2015

Download: Bodie-Room-3-Mid-year-report.pdf


Jay-De Room 3 Mid Year Report 2015

Download: Jay-De-Room-3-Mid-year-report.pdf


Josh Room 3 Mid Year Report 2015

Download: Josh-Room-3-Mid-year-report.pdf


Jack Room 3 Mid Year Report 2015

Download: Jack-Room-3-Mid-year-report.pdf


Jaylah Room 3 Mid Year Report 2015

Download: Jaylah-Room-3-Mid-year-report.pdf


Kate Room 3 Mid Year Report 2015

Download: Kate-Room-3-Mid-year-report.pdf

Laura Room 3 Mid Year Report 2015