Room Four: Three Little Pigs. Paper Bag Puppets

Room Four watched the Youtube version of the The Three Little Pigs.

They compared this version to the versions they already knew about and had read or seen.

Rory: The Wolf would nomally asks the oldest pig to go to the fair and he would leave an hour earlier.

Aimee: Room 4 watched three little pigs and we made paper bag puppets. It can help with our acting in class.

Danielle: In one of the books that I read was when he tried to blow there house down he said "I'll blow your house down". ( In the clip we watched he said " I'll blow your house in".)

Pieter: All the storyies I have read it says I'll puff and huff and blow your house down but the wolf says I'll puff and I'll huff and I'll blow your house in.

Angus: I learnt that the bricks are a better structure for building a house and that wolves are very dangerous.





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