Room Three's Earth System Learning

We have been having lots of fun learning about Earth System's. We have been exploring the hydrosphere, atmosphere, biosphere and geosphere. We have learnt that these spheres are interacting parts that form a whole. 

We have learnt about the water cycle as part of the hydrosphere and how it is connected to the atmosphere, geosphere and biosphere.


Nevaeh said "water heats up and evaporates, it goes up to the sky, it makes clouds, this is called condensation and gets heavy and then it rains, that’s called precipitation” and then it starts all over again!

We read about the geosphere and the layers of the earth. We did some fun learning activities to help with our learning. Hunter, Alex and AJ brought some examples of rocks and crystals.

Jackson told us that obsidian is known as volcanic glass.



We researched about the atmosphere and did some cool art using balloons to paint our planets.


We are looking forward to sharing our learning at the Celebration of Learning.

Rocks 3 2