Shape Hunting - Room 8

In Room 8 we are learning about shapes – their names and how many sides they have or don’t have. On Thursday 1 September we went on a ‘Shape Hunt’ around our school to see what we could find. Before we set off we each got our own set of shape cards to help us identify the shapes around us. We found our first shapes just 5 steps out of our classroom! We discovered rectangles in the tables, circles in the gardens and tyres, triangles, ovals and rectangles in the junior playground, a triangle in the new shelter the seniors hide their bags in, rectangles and circles painted on the concrete, rectangles on the basketball court and circles and rectangles all the way over near the gully.


The tyre is a circle


Circles by the gully


Rectangles in the basketball court


Triangles by the senior classes


An oval in the playground

shapes 7