Signs out!

It was all about road safety on Tuesday as teachers headed out with Constable Marinkovich (Tash) for some road patrol training. This is an important role undertaken by our Year 6 students and we learned just how difficult their job is as we tried on the vests, took control of the lollipops, and shouted the commands.

Mrs Sprague and Ms Woodcock were the lucky chosen ones to demonstrate just how much focus is needed. And what an impressive job they did! The teachers did get points off for lack of volume when making the calls - quite surprising really. It was, however, their first try. Both teachers were particularly thrilled when a bus full of Wairakei Primary School pupils went by.

On a more serious note, it is important that all adults are aware of the importance of this role. As well as manning our crossing, we have a student placed near the driveway to prevent people crossing the road near the shop. Students mimic what adults do. It is not okay to say, "Just this once" or "I'm late". We ask you use the crossing at all times - this will help to keep everyone in our community safe.


A busy day on the crossing.


Don't cross until Ms Woodcock says, "Cross now please."


Believe it or not, this move is actually a secret code.


Uh oh, here comes the school bus!


Check! Clear!

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