Sir Peter Blake Award 2017

On Friday 7 July, Westpac Bank Manager Michelle Guernier presented the Sir Peter Blake Award to a deserving Year 6 pupil. This award is sponsored by the Sir Peter Blake Trust and is awarded to a student whose outstanding leadership uplifts their school community. This year the award was presented to Hayley M.

This is what the senior teachers had to say about Hayley:

Hayley has been selected for this award as she is an outstanding student. Hayley can always be seen with a lovely smile and a kind comment for everyone.  She oozes positivity and enthusiasm for life and learning. Hayley empowers others to be successful through her own example and consistently shows whanau towards others.

She never gives up, even when things get hard. She has a real sense of grit and determination and will persevere to the very end.  Hayley is a great friend. She has a wide circle of friends and is well liked by everyone she meets.  She does not feel the need to be the centre of attention - she prefers to be part of a bigger group.

Hayley is a clever performer. She works hard to perfect her dances for an audience. She has natural abilities but is modest and supports others in achieving their own goals. Hayley has time for everyone - she is warm, caring and genuine. We are proud to call her a Year 6 Wairakei Primary School pupil and are very proud that she has been awarded this prestigious award. Well done Hayley.

You can visit Young Leader Award for more information and even spot an ex-Wairakei pupil receiving his award.

Thank you to Michelle, Westpac Bank, and the Sir Peter Blake Award for this presentation. We look forward to it every year.

Hayley receives her award and prize pack