Snowman Day

Room 12 had a snowman day. The weather played along and we woke up to our first real frost of the season. We went for a walk and explored the frosty school.





Arabella Tori

We noticed that the frost had melted in the sunny places, but was still there in the shady spots.  This led to some good discussions. We ran our hand along the leaves of the flax bushes and noticed that they were wet, but it hadn't rained. This led to discussion about frost changing to water. As our focus for this week is changing states of matter this led very nicely into our snowman experiment. 







Mrs Thompson had a bag of snow and we made a snowman in the electric frying pan.  We discussed what we thought might happen to him when we turned it on. Most of us predicted that he would melt, turn into water, and then the water would heat up. We turned it on and watched with excitement as he got smaller and smaller until he was just a bubbling puddle. We were very interested in the steam that came off him, and we noticed that if we put the lid on we could catch the steam and it changed back into water. Our big surprise was when our snowman disappeared completely! None of us had guessed that would happen! We had great discussions about where he had gone to. We also wrote stories and drew diagrams of this experience.


Tessa Piper


Macey, Dallas


Haylen Trend


Hana Isaac

For mathematics we are focusing on measurement skills, so we made paper snowmen and compared the size of their bodies, hats, noses and arms.  We used measurement language like bigger, smaller, shorter, taller, longer, narrower, wider.  Penny finished our day off with a snowman story in the library. Snowman day was lots of fun!

Arabella Tori